Instantaneous Quantum Relocation is a Tier Five psionic discipline. The first use of this power sets a “teleport marker.” The second use teleports you to it, and deletes the marker. You can also delete the marker with ALT-T.

Note that teleport markers only work within a given sub-level. Going through a bulkhead or elevator will automatically clear any teleport marker in the sub-level you're leaving.

Strategic Analysis

  • This power has many creative uses. It can be a quick shortcut back to the main elevator. It can get you out of a bad combat situation in a hurry. Other applications are left as an exercise for the player.
  • Be aware that inertia from before the fall is carried over upon teleport. Falling from a high place and teleporting back before you hit the ground will either kill you or do severe damage.
  • The marker itself behaves as a solid object. Neither you nor enemies can walk through it, but you can stand on top of it to potentially help you access hard-to-reach places.
  • Overloading this discipline provides no benefit, so don't bother.