Hack Software
HackV1 HackV2 HackV3
Type Software
It's a nice toy, but is it really necessary? Jeez, the Hacker didn't have to use any off-the-shelf crap back on the Citadel Station. When you boot that puppy up, you might as well be wearing a sign on your head that says: Hey, look at me, I'm a newbie!
~ Todd Spokane, President of the
"Western States Binary League"

Hack software comes in three levels of sophistication. Each time you find a new level, it is automatically and permanently installed, raising your Hacking odds by 10% across the board.

This piece of software is officially illegal, but it is the rare station or craft where it cannot be found. When equipped, it allows one to hack into many computers aboard ship (allowing access to restricted areas), shut down security systems, alter replicator databases to allow purchase of previously restricted items, and other nasty tricks.

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