Greater Psi-Reaver
Enemy Stats
First Encounter The Body of the Many
Hit Points 200
Damage Output 15
Speed Moderate
Loot Greater Psi-Reaver Organ (80%)
The Greater Psi Reaver is unique in that it is the only one of its type, found when fighting the Brain of The Many. It has a huge number of Hit Points, about as many as a Assault Robot, and does significantly more damage than a regular Psi-Reaver. However, the same strategy remains to defeat it: find its Brain and destroy it before moving on to the Greater Psi Reaver itself.


As there's only one Greater Psi Reaver, you'd think it's not too much of a threat... well, you'd be wrong. The Brain of the Many is one of the most difficult fights in the game, due to the large number of Rumblers and other Psi Reavers floating around, and the Greater Psi Reaver is just the icing on the cake, as the damage it does is enough to kill most characters in a single hit, especially on Hard and Impossible difficulties.

Your best bet for survival is to use any Agility-boosting items you have, or a Speed Booster, and then running to the small floor indentations that surround the Brain of the Many and smashing the Psi Reaver Brains inside them. The Greater Psi Reaver's will be among them.

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