Gas Grenade

Gas Grenade

Gas Grenade Icon

Weapon Stats
Operation Contact Explosion
Attack Type Gas
Damage 150
Blast Radius 4
Armor Penetration 100
Offense Value 3

A Gas Grenade is an explosive weapon found in System Shock.


This grenade releases a gas whose active compound is diuranium oxide. Affecting only biological organisms, including some cyborgs, it instantaneously degenerates organic nervous systems.

This weapon is the counterpart to the EMP Grenade in that it is designed to target organic systems instead of electronic ones. As such, it will wipe out mutants with ease, somewhat affect cyborgs, and do absolutely nothing against wholly robotic enemies. However unlike the EMP Grenade, it is quite capable of directly injuring or killing the Hacker.

Note that grenades cannot be disarmed once armed by double-clicking in the MFD.

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