French-Epstein Device
Type Tool
The French-Epstein device provides a one-time upgrade to a ranged weapon. Upgrading a weapon with a French-Epstein device does not require the Modify skill.

The perfect birthday gift for the techie with less than ideal technical skills, the French-Epstein device is a portable, nanite-driven, self-contained analysis and modification tool. Simply place your weapon in the device, and let the French-Epstein's expert systems do the work necessary in the weapon's modifications.

Weapon modifications can improve weapon damage, clip size, firing speed, or many other parameters. These devices are rare, and are one use only, so use them only on your favorite weapons. There are at least 7 found in the game (listed below).


  • Deck 1 Sector B: cargo bay 2B, far end (rightmost in the map), third floor
  • Deck 3 Sector D: hackable crate in small room opposite to the only replicator in the level (not present on Impossible difficulty)
  • Deck 4 Sector B: crew room
  • Deck 4 Sector D: by the interpolating simulation unit (not present on Impossible difficulty)
  • Deck 6 Sector B: in the escape pod area, lying on the ground
  • Deck 6 Sector A: in a room with the working shuttle bay shield control console (next to the window)
  • Rickenbacker Pod 1: from the chemical store, follow Nacelle B floor signs until you see a Viral Proliferator on the floor (not far from the store). At the end of the corridor with the Viral Proliferator, there's a rocket launcher turret. Next to the turret is a room with window to space. In that room, there's French-Epstein device lying on the floor