Exotic Weapons are the fourth, and final, weapon class in System Shock 2. Exotic Weapons are driven by annelid tissues, which are then injected into the weapon and altered into deadly substance (other than melee weapons, which do not need ammo or maintenance). Unlike other weapon classes, Exotic Weapons require research and the proper materials in order to use them.

It consists of three weapons:

It is also a combat skill in the game, and depending on the difficulty, one can normally specialize in 1-2 combat skills in a game.

Damage bonus

Whenever a player upgrades a combat skill by one level, each weapon of the same type below that level gains a bonus damage of 15%. For example, when a combat skill reaches level 2 , weapons that required level 1 will gain a 15% extra damage, and weapons that required level 3-6 cannot get any bonus, of course. One should note that level 6 weapons will never obtain any bonus from combat skills.

Specializing in Exotic Weapons


  • Any enemy that is vulnerable to the Crystal Shard can be taken down very fast, as this weapon is the most powerful melee weapon in the game.
  • Both the Viral Proliferator and Annelid Launcher deal a large amount of damage to annelid creatures, such as Rumblers and Psi-Reavers.
  • The ANNELID mode of Exotic Weapons is the only way to eliminate Swarms.


  • All Exotic Weapons require Research skill to use, and hence are bigger investments than any other type of weapons.
  • The ammunition used by both the Viral Proliferator and the Annelid Launcher, worms, are the most uncommon ammo in the game and no Replicators sell them.
  • Ranged Exotic Weapons are not only weak in front of half mechanical opponents, they also deals no damge to fully mechanical foes at all, forcing one to use the Crystal Shard.
    • The Crystal Shard also suffers from a 50% damage penalty when fighting against fully mechanical enemies.
  • Ranged Exotic Weapons degrade in a much faster rate than other weapons.
  • No Exotic Weapons can harm the final boss.