System Shock - Audio Log
From Bianca Schuler
Bianca schuler
Subject escape
Date 20.OCT.72
Recipient -
Level Level 7 - Systems Engineering
SHODAN, if I have to give my life to do it, I will destroy you.
Security robots burst in on the resistance on the exec level and massacred everyone, shortly after Diego ran out on us. I escaped by going up to engineering and hiding in a crawlway. I have with me the isolinear chipset the resistance has been working on. It contains a program which will temporarily paralyze SHODAN long enough to find it and kill it. The only catch is that I have to get through the defenses to level 9, the bridge, and then break into the computer room to install the chipset. Once that is done, I will have to find the cyberjack to SHODAN’s lair.
Bide your time well, SHODAN. I am coming after you.

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