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System Shock - Audio Log
From Zachary Aaron
Subject Envirosuit
Date 12.OCT.72
Recipient -
Level Level 6 - Executive
Just got the word that Sabo’s dead. We were all hoping that he had spare E-suits. Doesn’t matter now. Gamma quadrant door is sealed for good, so there’s no hope of getting to the master grove jettison enable control. Lara says there’s a crawlway that will take you to the Beta dorms. Same one that will get you to the main CPU’s on the exec level. But with all of the robots out now, there’s no way we can get to it.


  • This log mentions that Engle is dead, but there are two other logs, from and to Engle, which have a later date. Either the date is a mistake, or Engle's death was just a rumor.

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