Certain areas, objects, or enemies in the System Shock series can contain environmental hazards. These hazards have a detrimental effect on the player and must either be avoided or warded against.

System Shock

Radiation and Bio-Contamination

Radiation is the main form of environmental damage in the first game, with bio-contamination being a secondary hazard.

While in an a contaminated area, static will begin to sound and your radiation counter will activate. The LBP number depends on how harsh the particular environment is, and will damage the player for as long as it is active. The counter will only begin to descend once the player has left the contaminated area.

Using Detox Patches will take a significant amount off the LBP counter in an instant. An EnviroSuit can be worn for protection against it (though it will need to be upgraded if the player hopes to traverse the more dangerous areas).

On the MFDs map, an irradiated area appears on the map as red and a contaminated area appears as yellow.

System Shock 2


Radiation works in a similar matter here as its predecessor.

While in an irradiated area, a small green bar will begin to fill depending on how long the player remains in that area. Every few seconds, a portion of this bar will deplete, the screen will flash green and the player will suffer damage, even after leaving an the contaminated area. It will continue to do so until it is fully depleted. Some irradiated areas have decontamination rooms nearby that will instantly remove the player's radiation poisoning.

Using Anti-Radiation Hypos will instantly deplete the bar without damaging the player. A Hazard Suit can be worn for protection against it.


Toxin, or poison, is another form of damage that can affect the player.

While present in a toxin-filled area or hit with a poison-based attack from an enemy, a small bar will begin to fill with biohazard symbols. The process will proceed the same way as a radiation effect, except that the toxin level in the player's body does not decrease on its own.

Using Anti-Toxin Hypos will instantly deplete the bar without damaging the player. Likewise, a Hazard Suit can be worn for protection against it.

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