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Endurance or END is one of the basic statistics in System Shock 2.


The maximum effective level of endurance is 8. A player can only permanently upgrade Endurance to level 6, while the last two levels require a combination of the following items/psionic disciplines to temporarily reach:

Note that exceeding level 8 does not yield extra benefits.

Endurance increases the health points and the resistance to environmental hazards of a player. The amount bonus health points given is varied by difficulties, see Endurance vs Maximum Health Table below.

Endurance Level Resistance to Environmantal Hazards
1 0%
2 6%
3 15%
4 27%
5 42%
6 60%
7 80%
8 99%

Endurance vs Maximum Health Table

Endurance Level Easy Normal Hard Impossible
1 55 35 27 10
2 65 40 30 13
3 75 45 33 16
4 85 50 36 19
5 95 55 39 22
6 105 60 42 25
7 115 65 45 28
8 125 70 48 33


  • The usefulness of Endurance depends on one's playstyle. If the player is able to eliminate most enemies without an actual fight, such as using the TC-11 "Brick" Grenade Launcher or the Crystal Shard, Endurance is much less useful.
  • Quick-saving frequently can reduce the need of Endurance. A player should avoid taking damage rather than being prepared to take more damage.
  • Bear in mind that the Tank O/S Upgrade provides more health points than a level of Endurance on higher difficulties, and hence the former should be on a higher priority.

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