Elevators are used to get around various areas of the Von Braun and the Rickenbacker.

Elevators on the Von Braun

There are two major elevators on the Von Braun. The main shaft connects decks 1 to 5, and a second elevator leads from the Recreation Deck to the Command Deck.

The main elevator is initially inaccessible but will become operational once main power has been restored on the Engineering Deck.

There are additionally many small elevator platforms on the Von Braun and the UNN Rickenbacker.


  • Since all objects inside the elevator are carried between levels, the player can easily use it as a mobile storage unit for any weapons, healing items, research chemicals, etc. that do not fit in their inventory.
  • As enemies cannot open the doors the elevator is also useful as a 'safe haven' to organize inventory, heal, repair & modify weapons, or even take a break and play OverWorld Zero without worrying about being attacked.

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