System Shock - Audio Log
From Nathan D'Arcy
Nathan darcy
Subject destroying the laser
Date 23.OCT.72
Recipient Althea Grossman
Level Level 1 - Medical
Location In D'Arcy's lab.
Althea, I have important news for the Resistance. There’s only one way to destroy the laser before SHODAN has a chance to fire it. We have to fire it ourselves, while the station’s shields are raised. The backlash should destroy the laser. We’ll need to get the Isotope X-22 from the Research level to charge up the shield generator. On the Reactor level, we need to turn on the shields and punch in the safety override code so we can still fire the laser. The laser firing controls are back on the Research level. My notes back in my old office on Research contain more information, and the library there should have the override code. I’ll go back tomorrow morning.

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