System Shock - Audio Log
From Rebecca Lansing
Rebecca Lansing
Subject Rebecca-4
Date 06.NOV.72
Recipient Hacker
Level Level 7 - Systems Engineering
Listen carefully. SHODAN has activated the station's propulsion units and is steering a course for Earth. We don't know what it could have in mind, but I've finally convinced the brass at TriOptimum that the situation with SHODAN is critical, and we can't afford to take any more chances. They've authorized you to scuttle the station. If you can find out the station's Systems Authorization Code, you can set the reactor to overload and blow up the station. You'll probably need a level two envirosuit or better or lots of detox patches, to survive in the reactor core. Inside the core is a panel where you can enter the code and enable the self-destruct switch. You should be able to get the code itself from the private logs of the station's System Administrator, Willard Richie, on the Engineering level. Once all this is done, get out as fast as you can! There are escape pods on the flight deck - the enter-and-launch code for the pods is 001. Good luck.

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