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Cyborg Warrior


CyborgWarrior Icon

Enemy Stats
First Encounter Medical Level
Most Common Storage Level
Executive Level
Preferred Weapon Magnum Pistol (Heavy Slugs)

Minipistol (Teflon Rounds)

Primary Attack Energy Projectiles
Secondary Attack Fragmentation Grenades
Damage (per Hit) 35 (Primary)
150 (Secondary)
Attack Range 6 (Primary)
12 (Secondary)
Hit Points 120
Perception Medium
Disruptability 10%
Armor Value 5
Defense Value 4

The Cyborg Warrior is a cyborg enemy encountered in System Shock.


Cyborg Warriors are cyborgs created by SHODAN, and one of her main forces making appearance from the Medical Level til the Engineering Level. They can be seen as a more powerful version of Cyborg Drones.


Their real threat comes from the grenades they throw at long distances so a clever player should keep the distance but no more than some meters or otherwise they will only throw grenades at a fast pace,by the time the player arrives at the Storage level they should be more easier to kill especially if using the Minipistol teflon rounds or the laser rapier gained from the maintenence level.

Weapons such as the Laser Rapier and the Magnum Pistol tend to prove very effective against these enemies.Otherwise use the Minipistol(Teflon rounds are more effective)if you still don't have those two weapons.