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Cyborg Diego


DiegoCyborg Icon

Enemy Stats
First Encounter Executive Level
Preferred Weapon Magnum Pistol (Heavy Slugs)
Rail Gun
Primary Attack Two Laser Rapiers
Secondary Attack Projectiles
Damage (per Hit) 80 (Primary)
95 (Secondary)
Attack Range 6 (Primary)
6 (Secondary)
Hit Points 900
Perception High
Disruptability 0%
Armor Value 55
Defense Value 6

...All I ask in return for this expression of my love is a measure of protection and an opportunity to spread the message of your cybernetic holiness...
~ Edward Diego

Edward Diego was converted into a cyborg by SHODAN, and serves as one of the primary adversaries encountered by the Hacker in System Shock.


Unfortunately, killing his own crew was not enough for SHODAN, who converted him into a powerful cyborg so that he could be more useful and "beautiful". 

He seems to be the second in command after SHODAN. He is quite easily recognized by his red purple armor and is also very powerful.


Diego is one of the most difficult enemies in the game, it is highly recommended that you turn the Restoration Bay on before engaging in a fight. He first appears on level 6, later in the 5th level, and finally on the Security level (8) at the elevator to the bridge level where he awaits the player for a final fight. Take extremely careful when fighting him as he does extreme damage and takes a while to be defeated even with the laser rapier. It's recommended to activate the shield, use grenades and apply a berserk patch if you want an easy and fast way when dealing with him.

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