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Cyborg Assassin
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Medical Level
Most Common Reactor Level
Medical Level
Flight Deck
Engineering Level
Security Level
Preferred Weapon Minipistol (Teflon Rounds)
Primary Attack Projectiles
Secondary Attack Throwing Stars
Damage (per Hit) 30 (Primary)
50 (Secondary)
Attack Range 9 (Primary)
4 (Secondary)
Hit Points 65
Perception High
Disruptability 60%
Armor Value 5
Defense Value 4

The Cyborg Assassin is a cyborg enemy encountered in System Shock.


The Cyborg Assassin is covered in completely black gear, making him hard to spot in the dark. First encountered on the Medical Level, they use what seems to be a plasma rifle when the Hacker gets too close. When further away, the assassin starts throwing shurikens.


The assassins shurikens can be shot and destroyed before they hit the player. Teflon rounds from the Minipistol should be sufficient enough to kill them.

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