There is a variety of usable computers and terminals in System Shock 2.

Security Computer

Security Computer
If Security Cameras are the eyes of the security network, security computers are the brains— and luckily, they aren’t the brightest of brains. Using a security computer deactivates any currently active alarms, and successfully Hacking into a security computer disables security, rendering you temporarily invisible to cameras (and computerized gun turrets). An overlay appears when security is disabled, counting down the time left. The duration of this hack is dependent on your CYB statistic.

Information Terminal

Information Terminal
Information Terminals act as gameplay tutorials. Selecting one will give information about a certain aspect of the game. They appear on the MedSci Deck.

Standard TriOptimum Computer Terminal

Standard TriOptimum computer terminal
There are three of these in the game: one controlling a force field on the MedSci Deck, one in the command center on the Operations Deck, and another in the core on the Engineering Deck.

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