System Shock - Audio Log
From Rebecca Lansing
Rebecca Lansing
Subject Citadel Station
Date 06.NOV.72
Recipient Hacker
Level Level 1 - Medical
Location Upon receiving the Multimedia Data Reader in the Healing Suite Closet.
Listen to me very carefully. Something has gone terribly wrong on Citadel station. You might be the last survivor. Communications are being jammed. We know that something on board is attempting to harm humanity. The mining laser is being charged for a possible strike against Earth populations. On your level is the office of a Dr. D'Arcy, who may know something about the laser. The office is located near the central hub, on a balcony, with the medical icon clearly visible. When the laser is destroyed, you will have to reach the bridge and stop whatever is responsible for the catastrophe. We believe that the biological labs and security systems have gone haywire, so be careful. If you pull this off, we will be able to get you out alive. Good luck.

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