Circuit Board
Type Key Item
The circuit board is an item which the player finds on Engineering Deck in the Chemical Storeroom. In the room there are several different ones on the shelves which all look visually alike, but the player needs the one labelled 45M/dEX. It should be inserted into the Systems Monitoring Unit in Command Control so that the radioactive fuel is dealt with and the door sealing access to the Engine Core can be opened.

The circuit boards, like half of the rest of the equipment aboard the Von Braun, combine cutting-edge technology and a haphazard jury-rig quality.  Some of the logic chips are marked with experimental serial numbers, and there are smearings of solder and nanite-grown junctions everywhere.


  • This item cannot be 'recycled' by the Recycler.
  • The other circuit boards are literally the most useless items in the game; there is no benefit to lugging them around in your inventory. Inserting a wrong board in the Monitoring Unit will just make a display nearby go to static and drop the board. They aren't used for anything else later on either.

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