System Shock 2 - Audio Log
From Turnbull
Subject re: Changing
Date 11.JUL.14
Recipient -
Level Hydroponics Deck
Location After placing a vial of Toxin A in the Environmental Regulator in Hydroponics A, a Shotgun Hybrid carrying the Audio log will be guarding the bulkhead.
What do you know, Bronson was right after all. I imagine I've got about an hour... but I'm tracking the... the transformations in the hope that the data might be useful to someone else... there are tumors... on my leg and back... I can feel that thing inside of me... chewing, growing fat. My theory is they need a living host to complete the transformation... Screw Diego, screw Korenchkin, screw Tau Ceti 5. If someone finds this, don't have any regrets about punching my clock. I was already gone.