Cerebro-Energetic Extension is a Tier Four psionic discipline that temporarily replaces the PsiAmp with an equipped melee weapon which does 10 damage for a duration of 10 seconds per PSI.
Damage: 18 hit points
Overhand: 24 hit points (with Smasher OS upgrade)
Type of Damage: Standard


  • Useful for the player who likes hand-to-hand combat.
  • Even if you don't normally engage in hand-to-hand combat, this can be combined with Adrenaline Overproduction for amazingly potent damage.
  • You can't cast Psi powers while CEE is active. However, switching to another weapon deactivates the power, so you can cancel it at will.
  • Just like the Crystal Shard, CEE deals full damage to pure annelids, and appears to deal ×0.75 damage to fully mechanical enemies, making it more well-rounded than either the Wrench or the Mark VI Laser Rapier.

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