Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction TriOptimum
United Nations Nominate
Game(s) System Shock 2
Voice Actor Nate Wells

Bayliss was a crew-member on board the UNN Rickenbacker and the Von Braun. He served as a Liaison officer working with Dr. Janice Polito and was the safety officer on the Rickenbacker.

Bayliss accompanied Captain William Diego and Anatoly Korenchkin on the surface of Tau Ceti V and located the data wafer containing the still active remains of SHODAN. Strangely, when he returned on board the Von Braun, he was unaffected by The Many's influence and gave the data wafer to Dr. Janice Polito.

Later, he was contacted by SHODAN (under the disguise of Polito), ordering him to tamper the memory restoration of SOLDIER G65434-2. Puzzled by the strange request, he sends her an email inquiring if the Soldier had actually volunteered to have the military grade implants in the first place. However, he proceeds and deletes the memory restoration files.

Bayliss dies in the Rickenbacker Chapel, apparently fending off mutants.

Audio Logs

System Shock 2 - Bayliss audio logs02:03

System Shock 2 - Bayliss audio logs

All of Liasion Officer Bayliss's audio logs as they were recorded in chronological order


  • It remains unclear how Bayliss was unaffected by The Many's influence. Perhaps the possession of the data wafer was the cause.

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