System Shock - Audio Log
Date 06.NOV.72
Recipient Hacker
Level Level 1 - Medical
Location Received upon approaching the exit to the Healing Suite.
Pre-recorderd greeting follows....
Welcome back to Citadel Station. We hope your somnolent healing stage went well. You are currently in the healing suites located on the first level. Level 2 contains the research laboratories. Level 3 is home to the department of maintenance, and the storage cells are on level 4. The flight deck is on level 5, level 6 holds crew facilities and executive suites, and Level 7 is systems engineering. Level 8 houses the department of security, the bridge is on level 9, and energy systems on level R. All levels can be accessed by the elevator in alpha quadrant. We hope you have a pleasant stay on Citadel Station.

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