Auto-Repair Unit
Type Tool
A small spherical object with a handle on one end and a number of extended arms with tools coming from the other end, the Viridian V-Badge Auto-Repair Unit repairs a broken device or weapon regardless of the skill of the user. The device is single use.

The auto repair unit is marketed, in an amazing display of underrating, as a repair device. In reality, the ARU scans, and then virtually rebuilds from scratch, a target device, in its original pristine state. Several documented cases have observed subtle improvements in the repaired device, where the original was damaged beyond scannability. Much to the relief of licensed repair specialists, the ARU is a single-use device.

Strategic Analysis

  • This unit is useful for the player who hasn't taken Repair skill. Since many of the weapons and Replicators you'll find have been broken, the auto repair unit can come in quite handy indeed.
  • These are common enough in the game to essentially eliminate the need of Repair skill.

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