The lights near the basketball court keep fritzing out ... I think the humidity from the pool next door is a real problem. If it happens when I'm not there, try resetting the circuit from the breaker by the pool. You think someone needs to call a tech?
~ Yang to Alice Murdoch, 10.JUN.14

The Athletics Sector on the Recreation Deck of the starship Von Braun was equipped with a gymnasium, a pool, and a basketball court.

When you go through the locker rooms at the start of the Athletics Sector, you'll come to a short hall with two doors. One of the doors is jammed, but the other opens up into the Basketball Court. In the center of the court is the first Rumbler that you'll encounter. As if this fight wasn't going to be tough enough, the main lights go out, leaving the room very dim - and the floor has several piles of worm grubs on it, difficult to see, which will give you Toxic damage if you step on them. If you crouch and run, you can get into a small ventilation shaft on the right wall before the Rumbler can catch you. The shaft leads to the swimming pool, but there are a couple of eggs and grubs in this area - along with an energy recharge station.

The transmitter array is on the top floor above the Basketball court, but it is guarded by a pair of Cyborg Assassins. If you have Stealth mode activated, try to sneak past the Rumbler to the grav lifts to deal with them - then you can just pick off the Rumbler with ranged weapons from above.



  • In the basketball court, you can get an Easter Egg by hitting the backboard with a Basketball. Since System Shock 2 doesn't really have a throwing interface, per se, this is hard to pull off, but it can be done. Dropping the basketball from the balcony above helps. When you successfully hit the backboard, you get a special email from an unexpected ally.