Assault Robot
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Recreation Deck
Hit Points 200
Damage Output 12 (Fusion)
Speed Slow
Weakness Mechanical
Electron Suppression
Stasis Field Generator
Loot 10 Prisms (15%)
Portable Battery (30%)
The Assault Robot, also known as the Military Robot, is the toughest of the three large ‘bots, and fires a Fusion Cannon. These are high-performance military robots, meant to be used only in the face of a significant alien threat.

The UNN Navy uses Assault Bots as Military Police units aboard its orbital space stations and craft. The UNN Rickenbacker carries a number of Assault Robots on board.

Assault Bots first appear on the Recreation Deck. After destroying one, you should search its chassis for salvageable equipment, such as prisms or a Portable Battery.

Strategic Analysis

The sheer firepower these 'bots pack can hardly be overstated. Even a single hit from their cannons hurts and a barrage of fusion shots by an Assault Robot that has a bead on you is almost guaranteed to ruin your day.

As with all mechanical foes, a Dual-Circuit EMP Rifle or EMP Grenades are the weapons of choice. These are extremely deadly, so take them down as fast as possible. Assault Bots are significantly faster and more maneuverable than Security Robots. Sniping from around corners as with Security Bots might still be useful, but only if you are extremely fast and accurate.

If you don't have any EMP weapons available Disruption Grenades will suffice thanks to the massive amount of Standard damage they deal. Also since they move slowly you can try lacing their path with several Proximity Grenades, which they will blindly blunder into. Finally, if you happen to be packing a Fusion Cannon yourself, set it to "DEATH" mode and give the marauding Assault Robot a taste of its own medicine.

Another possibility is to turn the withering power of the robot's Fusion Cannon against other enemies - if you can get something hostile between you and the robot, it will surely perish if it takes a hit, but be warned that shots that don't hit your intended 'meat-shield' are still coming in your direction.