Annelid Healing Gland
Type Organ
Research Object
The Annelid Healing Gland is a spongy, reddish organ oozes a clear liquid through many small pores and sphincters. Using it will restore 15 lost hit points. A minimum skill level of 1 is needed to Research this object, as well as 1 Osmium (Os).

The gland secretes a prolific mix of hormones and stimulatory enzymes, and a quickly dividing layer of cells spawns off multi-purpose circulatory cells. These cells seek out sites of tissue damage and graft themselves in, taking on the characteristics of the local host tissue in moments. The shared tissue compatibilities between human and annelid tissue allow this gland to be used for healing, though not as fully as it would in an annelid host. Once removed from the host's body, it can only be used once.

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