Anna Parovski
Anna parovski
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Resistance
Status Deceased
Location Citadel Station
Game(s) System Shock

Anna Parovski joined the Resistance against SHODAN. They were trying to reach the Engineering Level to knock out the antennas and prevent SHODAN from downloading itself to the Earth's networks.

Her group was at the Flight Deck and were monitoring security channels when picked up the Hacker on the Medical Level. When he reached the Flight Deck her group was attacked by a Cortex Reaver and she requested his support, to join them and bring ammunition.

As the Hacker progressed, her situation went worse with only a few blasters, running out of power. By the time the Hacker reached them, all were dead, and Anna and Albert hid in the communications room. She recorded a message revealing SHODAN's plans and then killed herself so that she wouldn't be made a cyborg.


Audio Logs


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