Angela Loesser
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction TriOptimum
Status Deceased
Location Von Braun
Game(s) System Shock 2
Voice Actor Karen Saltus

Angela Loesser was the nurse supervisor on the Von Braun. Her task was maintaining the husbandry of the laboratory monkeys that were being used for experiments on the ship.

When taking one of the monkey to be dissected, she and Grassi saw the other monkeys protesting together and prompted her to email James Watts, who in turn rebuked her in an email that she was in badly need of a vacation.

She also supervises the sixteen female staff including Nurse Erin Bloome where she inadvertently sends them to Marc Miller who would later kill and turn them into the Cyborg Midwives.

When Loesser went down to see what Miller did to her female staffers, she was horrified to see Nurse Bloom as a Cyborg Midwife and realized most of her staff have been converted to cyborgs as well. Loesser subsequently died in an apparent shootout between her and Miller, who also died.

Audio Logs

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