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Agility or AGI is one of the basic statistics in System Shock 2.


The maximum level of each statistic is 8. A player can only permanently upgrade Agility to level 6, while the last two levels require a combination of the following items/psionic disciplines to temporarily reach:

Agility is the requirement of certain weapons, and increases the movement speed of the player. It also reduces damage taken from falling and weapon recoil.

Agility Level Bonus Speed
1 20%
2 30%
3 40%
4 50%
5 60%
6 70%
7 85%
8 100%


  • It is important for every melee specialist to upgrade Agility, as one needs a high movement speed to dodge attacks, and catch up the pace of a Cyborg Assassin.
  • If one mainly uses ranged weapons, Agility should then be on a lower priority.
  • Speed Boosters provide a short-term alternative to Agility.

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