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"A. Bananas"
A. Bananas
Vital Statistics
Gender Unknown
Race Primate
Faction Unknown (Likely The Many)
Status Unknown
Location Von Braun

A. Bananas is a comic relief character in System Shock 2, intended as an easter egg. A. Bananas is, like the other monkeys aboard the Von Braun, an African squirrel monkey. If the player brings the Basketball all the way from the UNN Recruitment Center to Deck 5 of the Von Braun, and throws or drops the ball through the basketball hoop in athletics, A. Bananas will send the Soldier an humorous audio log. A. Banana's speech is normal monkey chatter, but the software of the soldier's cyber rig can apparently parse it into a human language through unknown means.

A. Bananas fate after the destruction of The Many is unknown.

Audio LogsEdit